Moments to Treasure – Our Book – Your Cover!

Moments to Treasure – What are we talking about?

The recently released prayer/inspirational book by John Rehg, Moments to Treasure: Prayers for Navigating Life’s Journey, is now available for modification and sale as a gift or fundraiser. (Or you may order it unmodified as well.)

How the Deal Works

For a setup fee, you send us the picture you want on the front cover.

1. We modify the cover – replacing our picture with yours, and adding a dedication to the subtitle and coordinating the colors. We change the dedication page to the person of your choosing.

2. You approve the new cover.

3. We prepare the book for publication. You can then order the book from us for a nominal fee plus shipping costs. It will not be sold on Amazon. It will only be available from you.  (We may set up a special discount on CreateSpace so that you can order quantities yourself. Price per book would typically be $8.95)

The dedication

Some sample dedication phrases would be:

In honor of …

In loving memory of …

In joyful celebration of …

The COST Details

The setup fee is $99.

The cost of the book to you is $6 each, plus shipping, which is dependent on how many you order.

Here are the current standard shipping prices: (Continental US – inquire for other locations – expedited shipping available)

For 1-5 books – $5

For 6-10 books – $10

For 11-20 books – $15

For 21-30 books – $20

For 31-50 books – $30

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