John Rehg’s books

John Rehg writes about spiritual and family matters, and in addition to our first book, he’s written the following: (His Amazon Author Central page is here.)

We’re interested to see where he goes next in his writing, as on his website he has mentioned that his spiritual writings are complete. He’s mentioned this before and then surprised us with something new, so we anticipate that if he is called to offer more, we’ll be the first to know.

John Rehg’s Spirituality and Faith Publications:

IrrationalJoy cover qtrsizeIBelieve1

Irrational Joy is an ebook only publication.

Released Nov 2013:

This book is a dedication to a family member recovering from a serious illness. She is now recovered.

John Rehg's prayerbook dedicated to his granddaughter    

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Children’s Activity/Coloring Book

Available here for $6.95

We do the Hoppy Dance

We pay the tax!

We do the Hoppy Dance

A Children’s rhyming activity and coloring book. It teaches the concepts of left and right, and physical coordination.

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