We’re Baaack!

Site Transfer 99% Complete!
We’re back, and apologize for the downtime while our site moved from one hosting provider to another. It was a lot more difficult than I had imagined, and a couple things were dropped that we’ll review and choose whether to re-implement or not (mostly background stuff, not anything you’d see). However, support is greatly improved and our site speed should be faster as well. With a few more changes over the next week or so, we should be fully up and running.
More Changes Planned
And we’re not stopping here. We’ve got more things coming that we’ll be developing this year, to expand our services to aspiring, new, and established authors. We think some of these are quite unique, but then, as our zombie author found out, that may not be the case! If not, we still hope we’re providing them in a way that is appealing. We’ll be at several conferences this year presenting workshops. More details as they become available (and links for you to sign up, of course). Thanks, again, for your support. John

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