The Importance of Structure

Form follows Structure

Or “form follows function”, as paraphrased from the American architect Louis Sullivan, shows the importance of understanding the structure of your story (in the writer’s world). Just as you can’t build a house without the framing structure, so you can’t build a good story without following a strong structure.

How many writers/educators have stressed this? From McKee, to Field, to Brooks and Weiland and numerous others, the consensus is that a story must have structure.

Whether you write without planning, or outline before you start writing, once your story is complete, there will be a structure to it.

Unique FWA Workshop

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 in Altamonte Springs, FL, a unique workshop will take place that you can be a part of: From Nursery Rhyme to Novel – Singing Your Story Structure.

What’s so special about this all day workshop?

Do you struggle with your elevator pitch? Do you stammer when an agent asks you, “So tell me what your story is about”? Do you dread writing a synopsis or the back cover blurb?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this is the workshop for you! (If you didn’t, but like to sing, it’s still for you!)

You’ll get your story structure analyzed and work on creating a song out of the major points of your story. Why a song? How easy is it to remember the words to your favorite song? If you commit your story to a song, how much easier will that make it to answer the question in an elevator, an agent interview, or a casual conversation at dinner or in a bar?

So, I invite you to come to a great writers conference and sign up for this workshop, to really nail down the structure of your story. Registration will be closing soon, so don’t delay!

Best of all, the workshop fee benefits the Florida Writers Foundation, a non-profit designed to improve literacy in the state.

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