Thank You!

Thank You

… to all those who attended tonight’s presentation. I had a wonderful time showing several software programs (all free) that might help one write in the style they are comfortable in.

I met wonderful people, fielded interesting questions, and offered my opinions on some things, hoping to open up aspiring writers to the wealth of possibilities out there.

Basically, understand what you want from your writing, and look for a way that matches that desire.

In addition to the free download of the presentation on this website (under the DIY publishing tips/free download page), I covered 3 programs and promised to include links here for those who didn’t get a paper with the links on them.

Software for the Way You Write

If you like everything in one program, including storyboard, character bios, locations, plot points, scene missions, etc. you want yWriter. (Click to go to the download page for version 6. This works for Windows. For Mac and Linux, download version 5 and run via Wine.) I call this the Maximalist approach.

If you want just a blank piece of paper, distraction free, you want FocusWriter. Available on all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows), and also as a portable app for Windows (install on a usb drive and take with you anywhere). I call this the Minimalist approach.

If you want the program to handle the formatting for you, try LyX. This is my preferred one now (relatively new), because in addition to handling the formatting, it also has a sidebar outline view that allows me to see where I’m at in my story as I’m writing. (In other programs you have to toggle between views to see similar things.) I call this the Format-for-Me approach.

Following the presentation we had a lively discussion on software, writing, self publishing, and related topics. It was an honor to present, to share my experiences with fellow writers, and I hope it was helpful. (Feedback seemed to indicate it was for some.)

Once again, thank you, to Bria and FWA, and to those who attended, for this opportunity.

To your writing success…


Speaking Event

Speaking Event – FWA St. Pete – Thursday 3/10/16 at 6PM

Dump Your Word Processor! is the title of my presentation this Thursday at the monthly FWA St. Pete writers meeting. I’ll be demonstrating several alternatives to the standard word processor (like Word), that might improve your writing efficiency, or fit your mood better, pulling more words from your muse.

All the programs I’ll show are FREE downloads, and you’ll have a selection that might address the style you like when you write. I’ll also answer any questions on self publishing, and would love to see you there.

The event is at the St. Pete main library at the corner of 37th St. and 9th Ave N. (Just west of 34th St/US 19, on the north side.)