Author Brigitte D. Moore speaks in New York

Author Brigitte D. Moore in New York

Brigitte Moore is making the rounds of America talking about the experiences that led to her book: Finding Home. Earlier this summer she was at the Amagansett Library on Long Island. You can read all about her presentation here.

She is still looking at ways to share her story – you can contact her on her website, and is preparing to write the next chapter in her life.

Ani Crane’s memoir How I Arrived Here published

Ani Crane – our newest author

Ani Crane‘s new memoir, How I Arrived Here, is published on Amazon in print and kindle formats and is also available on CreateSpace. Her ebook has just been published, and her paperback has been out about a month. We welcome her to Soul Attitude Press!

Here’s her cover:

Ani Crane's How I Arrived Here

More about Ani and Her Book

She had a book signing last night, and has additional appearances scheduled in and around Gulfport, FL. Check out her website for more details. She was a lot of fun to work with, and I think you’ll find John Carroll’s artwork for the interior to be very interesting. Thanks also to the photographer, Gregory Smith, for the front and back cover.

Brigitte Moore rocks Wings Bookstore

Brigitte Moore held a book signing at the Wings Bookstore in St. Petersburg last Sunday, 1/5, and absolutely rocked the place. The line (which I heard about but didn’t witness) was long and she sold sixty books!

Her book, Finding Home: My Journey from Post-War Germany to America, has been well-received both on her Internet sales as well as her local signing.

Congratulations Brigitte! (And thanks for the cake.)

Here are some pics:

Brigitte Moore talks about her book
Brigitte talks about her book


Brigitte Moore talks with friends about the writing process
Brigitte at a table discussing the writing process with friends at Wings Bookstore.

Book Announcements: Burton and Moore

Book announcements in today’s news from Soul Attitude Press:

Bria’s Book, Lance & Ringo tails, available

Bria Burton, author of the Lance & Ringo Tails series, has released the ebook and paperback compilation of the first 10 stories (the first 9 having been released as singles), and you can find it on Amazon here (paperback) and here (Kindle), and CreateSpace here.

Lance & Ringo Tails book cover

What a journey it has been for Bria as she worked through the layout software, learning new skills and the intricacies of CreateSpace.


Brigitte moore’s book signing opens 2014

Brigitte D. Moore, our current bestselling author, is having a book signing at the Wings Bookstore on the corner of 4500 4th St N in St. Petersburg on Sunday, January 5th, from 2pm – 4pm. She will be signing her debut memoir, Finding Home, My Journey from Post-War Germany to America. It’s available on Amazon here.

Stop by and give a shout to this wonderful lady!

Moments to Treasure Special Offer

Moments to Treasure Book

Moments to Treasure, John Rehg’s newest book, is now officially out and available on Amazon as a Kindle download (sans pictures) and as a paperback, here and on CreateSpace. We’re also offering a free download of a blank PDF that you can fill in if you’d like to collect your own special prayers, quotes, inspiration passages, songs, whatever comforts and inspires you. Go to the special Moments to Treasure website for the link.

The Special Offer

Would you like the book dedicated to someone special to you? (Can be human or animal – it’s up to you!) We will put a picture of your choosing on the cover and color coordinate it, and include a special dedication on the cover and inside dedication page. You can then give the book as a gift or use as a fundraiser. See our services page for more information.

New books from jg michaels, Brigitte D. Moore

New Books released

It’s with great excitement that I announce two new books now available from two very different ends of the writing spectrum. One is from one of our long-time authors and one from a brand new one.

Brigitte D. Moore’s first book

Finding Home: My Journey from Post-War Germany to America

First, welcome Brigitte D. Moore, who’s memoir is now available on CreateSpace here, and will be available on Amazon here late this week or early next.  Her cover is shown on the books page. Her book spans her life up to age 21, when she immigrated to America, and brings to vivid life the hardships endured by people caught in the post-WW II tension between East and West.

Ms. Moore will be setting up her website this week and we’ll add a link to that when it becomes available. We’re happy to have her publish through us and say, “Welcome aboard!”

j gerard michaels second book

Zombie Menace: The Cord Wheaton Saga – Book 2

The second full-length book from Mr. Michaels is a compilation of episodes 8 through 11 of his ebook series, The Cord Wheaton Saga. This set of episodes races through the action as the detective fights to save his own life, and the life of the girl he loves. Set in Florida, the action takes place between St. Petersburg and Tallahassee as the zombie problem spreads across the state.

Zombie Menace is available on CreateSpace here, and Amazon later this week or early next. It is also available on Kindle here. (You can get to the print version when it becomes active from this link.)

You can visit his website for more information or to follow him. All told this year, Michaels’ has come out with 2 new books and 7 ebook episodes. We can’t wait to see where this story turns next!

Note: This post will be updated once the Amazon links become active.

Half Undead available today

J Gerard Michaels’ 10th episode in The Cord Wheaton Saga, Half Undead, has been published today and is available on Amazon here. It will be a free download this weekend, 9-28 to 9-29, 2013.

We hope you enjoy it. Mr. Michaels has plans to write an 11th episode that’s long enough to create Book 2 from episodes 8-11. We’ll see, but he’s hard at work on it.

One thing different about The Cord Wheaton Saga is that the author begins at the patient zero level (the first infection) and carries the story through. After 10 episodes, the reader can see the looming apocalypse, but it’s not here yet, and one is left to wonder, can Detective Wheaton stop it?

Here’s the book cover.


Tic Rawghers’ new ebook and other news

Tic Rawghers’ New EBook available

Tic Rawghers picture
Grandpa Tic Rawghers

We are proud to announce the second guide in Tic Rawghers’ series of Grandpa’s Guides, titled: I Didn’t Run Today and My Body Thanked Me. You can see a picture on the publications page or click the link above to go to his Amazon author page, where both guides are available. We link to his website in the sidebar as well.

Focus on Personal Memoir

We’re also excited to be meeting with another writer about to become author (watba) and will have more news of this in the coming months. One of our areas of focus is the personal memoir, books usually for family but also including those that might have a broader appeal. If you’re interested in putting together a keepsake for your family, documenting your life or a part of it, we’d love to help.

Check out our services page for more details on what we offer, and a contact form to get in touch with us.


New website!

Welcome to the new face of Soul Attitude Press! Now that we offer other services in addition to our own publications, the website needed to reflect the changes.

Please browse around and see if there’s anything of interest to you, and ask questions if you’d like some further guidance. We’d love to help you bring your work to completion.

The website will be undergoing modifications over the next few weeks as we continue to build it to better reflect our mission.