Moments to Treasure Special Offer

Moments to Treasure Book

Moments to Treasure, John Rehg’s newest book, is now officially out and available on Amazon as a Kindle download (sans pictures) and as a paperback, here and on CreateSpace. We’re also offering a free download of a blank PDF that you can fill in if you’d like to collect your own special prayers, quotes, inspiration passages, songs, whatever comforts and inspires you. Go to the special Moments to Treasure website for the link.

The Special Offer

Would you like the book dedicated to someone special to you? (Can be human or animal – it’s up to you!) We will put a picture of your choosing on the cover and color coordinate it, and include a special dedication on the cover and inside dedication page. You can then give the book as a gift or use as a fundraiser. See our services page for more information.