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Get Yourself Published Workshop Oct 21

Coming next month, there’s still time to sign up, is a new full-day workshop, Get Yourself Published, that I’ll be presenting with author Bria Burton at the FWA Conference, on Friday, October 21st. You can sign up here.

This will be a work shop. You will really work, You’ll practice some editing techniques, to strengthen the quality of the readability of your story. You’ll be shown several fun ways to promote your finished product, and you’ll work on formatting your story, and designing a cover.

All Day Work, Free Software Included!

It will be a full day of work and you’ll have the opportunity to install all the software necessary to complete your work, from word one to the end.

You’ll be working on your story. In addition, at least one attendee will have part of their story formatted for them, or their front cover laid out in graphics software.

We cover editing, formatting for print, marketing, and cover design. By the end of the day, you should be able to make this decision:

A. I can do it myself! (Because you are confident that you can handle the steps with what you learned in the workshop.)


B. I can prepare it and have someone else do it for me! (You’ll be able to understand what makes for good cover design, what helps in preparing ahead of time for the simplest translation from story to finished product. But you don’t want to bother with the details. However, just understanding them gives you the information to ask the right questions when you hire someone to do it for you.)

So, come out to a great conference and take in the incredibly-priced full day workshop on self-publishing. We hope to see you there, and will be available throughout the weekend for any questions.

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