From Nursery Rhyme to Novel

New Workshop Benefits Literacy

Sing your story structure! From Nursery Rhyme to Novel, a unique all-day workshop, will be presented on Thursday, Oct 20, in Altamonte Springs as part of the pre-conference workshop day for the Florida Writers Association annual conference. From Nursery Rhyme to Novel will cover all aspects of story structure, and give you a chance to get your story analyzed in order to strengthen it (if it needs it), or to validate that you’ve got a strong story.

What, me sing?

Why try to build a song out of your story? Think Gilligan’s Island, or The Beverly Hillbillies, for instance. If you can sing your story, you’ll be much better prepared to give your elevator pitch when the time comes. You’ll be filled with confidence when that agent you’re meeting says, “So tell me about your story.” And, you can practice your story any time. In the shower, in the car, even under your breath while you’re at work or out for a run! Plus, you can sing it to your favorite tune! So sign up today here.

FWA Annual Conference oct 20-23

The Florida Writers Association annual conference, held in Altamonte Springs/Orlando, Florida every October, is a great place to meet with other authors, agents, publishers, editors, and learn the ins and outs of the publishing business. The pre-conference workshop day is an added bonus. We hope to see you there, singing your own song!
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