Self Publishing Secrets Revealed

FWA Presentation Reveals Self Publishing Secrets

An attentive audience at last night’s FWA meeting (Thursday, 8/13) listened and questioned John Rehg as he revealed some self publishing secrets, including how to publish a book for free.

John Rehg at FWA meeting
Secrets of Self Publishing for free revealed by author and publisher John Rehg.

Not everyone may be a DIY publishing author, but if they are, John showed them how simple it was to do it for a reduced cost, or even free. Free including any software you needed to produce your book and your cover.

A handout of a page from his upcoming book, Self Publish for Free, A Step-by-Step Guide, due out this fall, was distributed. It listed the software available (both free and commercial) that authors who want to control the layout of their books can use. Due to high attendance the supply ran out.

So, here we will offer it as a free download (currently page 2 in the book), for those who weren’t able to get it, or who couldn’t attend the meeting.

John stated the purpose of the book is to help those who want to do it themselves by reducing the learning curve of new software. It will offer a step-by-step approach, so once one downloads and installs the software, (available on PC, Mac, and Linux) they can immediately use it.

This book combines lessons learned from many places on the web. It will reduce an author’s search for the right tutorial if he or she is producing a simple book. More complicated DIY offerings may come in the future.

Self Publishing Gifts

One area John believes is under appreciated is giving books as gifts. By publishing for free, this becomes an excellent avenue to provide Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or gifts for any occasion.

These gifts would not only include memoirs, but also stories of travel, email collections, etc. As he said, ‘The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you want to produce.’ You’re only limited by your imagination.

You can download the sample page offered at the meeting here SeflPub4Freepage2preview, (Will open as a pdf file which you can save.)

Or from the DIY Publishing Tips page here. (If you want to get on the mailing list.)

Finally, a big thanks to Bria and the FWA for inviting me to talk with the group. It’s always an honor and a privilege for me to share with others what I’ve learned as an author and publisher.

Summer Event – Publish Yourself

Summer event: Writers Group Meeting – AUG 13 – 6pm

I will be speaking at the FWA August meeting on Self-Publishing on a Budget.  This is my second summer event, the first one passing quietly on July 3 at the Gulfport Art Walk.

More details of the talk are on the FWA St. Pete website. I began working on a do-it-yourself guide early this year, but with some distractions that have occurred, it is not finished. (Family visits, gardening – enjoyable distractions, but ones that kept me from writing as much as I wanted.)

I will also be asking those in attendance to share what they are looking for. I’d like to provide as much meaningful information as possible. Being able to meet with writers working toward their finished book is a real joy. Pointing them in the right direction to get the most satisfaction from their efforts means the most to me.

I hope you can join me for a lively discussion on getting into print.

So long, Dear Friend

It was with great sadness that I learned of my friend Sunny Fader’s passing from this life. She was a great friend and mentor, one who I didn’t get to talk to enough, but who was a great help in my starting this business, and in encouraging me during the early years when I led the local FWA group. I still have a link to her blog, It’s great reading, if you have the time. She was a world traveler and screen writer, a teacher, and a wonderful spirit.

Another writer friend has posted a short tribute Jackie’s tribute to Sunny. If you don’t see it, it’s in her May archives.

Give those you love a hug today.


Summer Event Questions (technoargia on
by technoargia on

When I think of my own journey to publication and recall the long hours of work I put in, learning new software or struggling with old, I think of those things that would have helped me the most during that time. That’s why I’m writing a guide to help someone reduce the learning curve if they want to do it themselves. (It reminds me of my ‘I can do that!’ attitude even in the face of almost insurmountable odds.)

What one thing would help you get over the hump? Let me know, and I’ll share some ideas on how to conquer your mountains at this summer event with the FWA.