Moments to Treasure Special Offer

Moments to Treasure Book

Moments to Treasure, John Rehg’s newest book, is now officially out and available on Amazon as a Kindle download (sans pictures) and as a paperback, here and on CreateSpace. We’re also offering a free download of a blank PDF that you can fill in if you’d like to collect your own special prayers, quotes, inspiration passages, songs, whatever comforts and inspires you. Go to the special Moments to Treasure website for the link.

The Special Offer

Would you like the book dedicated to someone special to you? (Can be human or animal – it’s up to you!) We will put a picture of your choosing on the cover and color coordinate it, and include a special dedication on the cover and inside dedication page. You can then give the book as a gift or use as a fundraiser. See our services page for more information.

New books from jg michaels, Brigitte D. Moore

New Books released

It’s with great excitement that I announce two new books now available from two very different ends of the writing spectrum. One is from one of our long-time authors and one from a brand new one.

Brigitte D. Moore’s first book

Finding Home: My Journey from Post-War Germany to America

First, welcome Brigitte D. Moore, who’s memoir is now available on CreateSpace here, and will be available on Amazon here late this week or early next.  Her cover is shown on the books page. Her book spans her life up to age 21, when she immigrated to America, and brings to vivid life the hardships endured by people caught in the post-WW II tension between East and West.

Ms. Moore will be setting up her website this week and we’ll add a link to that when it becomes available. We’re happy to have her publish through us and say, “Welcome aboard!”

j gerard michaels second book

Zombie Menace: The Cord Wheaton Saga – Book 2

The second full-length book from Mr. Michaels is a compilation of episodes 8 through 11 of his ebook series, The Cord Wheaton Saga. This set of episodes races through the action as the detective fights to save his own life, and the life of the girl he loves. Set in Florida, the action takes place between St. Petersburg and Tallahassee as the zombie problem spreads across the state.

Zombie Menace is available on CreateSpace here, and Amazon later this week or early next. It is also available on Kindle here. (You can get to the print version when it becomes active from this link.)

You can visit his website for more information or to follow him. All told this year, Michaels’ has come out with 2 new books and 7 ebook episodes. We can’t wait to see where this story turns next!

Note: This post will be updated once the Amazon links become active.

Zombie Menace available as an ebook

J Gerard Michaels’ second compilation, Zombie Menace, is now available on Kindle here. Here’s the cover:


This completes book 2 of the saga, moving the hero, Detective Cord Wheaton, closer to the apocalypse as he tries to find out who’s behind the outbreak and how to stop it, enlisting the help of his new girlfriend, his friend Dr. Davis, a local pathologist, and others. It’s filled with action, mystery, suspense, humor, romance, and of course, zombies!