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Working virtual during the Pandemic

Ways that we can help you:


Singing those word processor blues, trying to get your headers/footers to print where you want them? Pictures moving text all over the place?

We can transform it using layout software into:

Interior PDF – KDP paperback, B&N

Interior HTML – KDP Kindle ebook

Interior EPUB – B&N Nook ebook

Cover Design

Need help designing your cover? Want something more than the basics, without spending hundreds of $$?

We can guide you or create your cover:

Print Cover PDF – for Amazon’s paperback, Barnes & Noble paperback or hardcover

eBook Cover JPG – for Kindle, Nook, etc.


From analyzing the structure of your story, to copyediting line by line, we can help polish your story so that it really shines!


And more . . . including website design and setup, and consultation and instruction.

John was excellent to work with. He was very quick to respond to any questions or issues I was having and my finished product is outstanding! I could not have hoped for any better. I highly recommend Soul Attitude Press.
John Rehg and Soul Attitude Press have formatted several of my books. John is very professional, accessible, kind-hearted and possesses a wonderful attention to detail.
Your encouragement, motivation and support, your shared knowledge, expertise and patience helped in reaching my goal.

How Can We Help You?

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